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We are strict with the type of content submitted to this website. We are aware that a lot of people write guest blogs just to bring more traffic to their websites, ignoring the quality of the content. That’s the only reason why guest blogging doesn’t work for some writers. To gain the maximum benefit from your submitted post please consider the following tips-

1. Do not copy paste someone else’s content. In case you want to use some portion of content from another source, please mention the source at the bottom of your post. (Learn To Cite)

2. Your content should not contain any inappropriate words or images. This will result in the rejection of your post.

3. Finish your blog with the flawless ending. Your content must maintain the connection between headings and subheadings.

4. Attach images and links properly. Images should be clear and attached links should be genuine.

5. Content should be easy to read and understand. Try to keep your content as simple as possible without losing the spirit and quality of your content.

6. Do not post the same content to other websites. This will decay the ranking of your content on search engines.


Copying Content: Please do not copy paste someone else’s content. In the case of copyright infringement, your account with aicepice.com will be terminated and legal actions will be taken against you.

Duplicate Content: Use the search box on the blog to make sure we haven’t covered your topic already.

Suggesting Changes: You can suggest appropriate changes to any post written by any author. Use the word “Suggested Changes” before your title and put up your suggestion freely.

Word Limit: We do not accept posts below 250 words. However, there is no limit on the maximum number of words you can use.

Links: Do not use more than 5 quality links in your post. Attached links should not destroy the reader’s interest. (Learn To Add Links)

Images: Do not attach unnecessary images within the post. You are free to attach any numbers of appropriate images to make your blog more credible. (Learn To Attach Images)

Title: Provide a catchy title for your article. You can also use title generator like-


Author Bio: You need to submit author bio only during the submission of your first post. Search google for “author bio examples” to get an idea.

Choose Category: Always select a category that suits best for your blog.

Tags: Use tags to make your content more indexable. Example- Blog under the “Digital Marketing” Category can have tags like “email marketing”,”social media marketing”, etc.

Citation: In case it is urgent to post some part of the text on your blog, use proper citations under REFERENCE or SOURCES heading at the end of your blog. (Learn To Cite)

Use Index: Use index whenever possible for the ease of readers navigation. (Learn To Create An Index)

Note: We reserve all rights to modify, remove or change your blog or any portion of it if required. Our team of editors will review your content to check for content quality, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and flow of the story. Any modifications can be made to your blog to enhance the reader’s experience.